11月11日に行われた「TSUNAMI, 611 DAYS LATER」が無事終了いたしました。当日は立ち見の方もいらっしゃるほどの大盛況。予想を上回る人の来場で入場に少し戸惑いましたが、結果的には好評を得ることができました。



“I moved to tears for many times. It was really a good opportunity to know about such a massive
disaster not only from Japanese view but also from British view. I’d like to get involved in
volunteer near future.”

“Since people’s memory about the disaster is fading it has been difficult to find how I could find
a way to support people in the affected areas such as fund raising. Today’s gathering was very
inspiring and for networking in finding a way for to help people.”




“People all over the world are thinking of you as you rebuild your lives and your communities,
Please don’t give up, care for each other and keep communicating with the outside world.”

“You are not forgotten.”

“We are always remembering you, and you are not alone. It will take time to recover and to
rebuild, but eventually we will be stronger than before this disaster, We will continue supporting

“I never forget. Once I’m back to Japan, I’m pretty sure to visit. I don’t know what I can do but
even if it’s a little thing I’d like to consider and take an action. We should be proud of Japanese.
Let’s move forward together.”

“We are thinking about you in the UK – we haven’t forgotten the suffering you’ve been thorough.
We hope and pray for recovery for you and your lovely country.”



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Image © Saera Jin